Woman Narrates How Her Husband Abandoned Her And Her Kids Because Of Their Blue Eyes

A woman named Risikat Azeez-Ayegbami has shared her story. She is a mother of two kids whose eyes are naturally blue.

She revealed that growing up, her parents took her to the General Hospital because people felt something was wrong with her eyes. A series of tests were conducted on her eyes and it was revealed that her eyes were perfectly normal.

Risikat revealed that her teachers in primary school invited her parents and asked them to take her to the hospital to check her eyes. Her parents did as they were told and took her to the hospital again, the doctors did tests again and still found nothing wrong with her eyes. They told her that her eyes are just naturally blue like that of a Caucasian.

She added that the doctors showered her with lots of gifts and told her that they love her eyes.

“I can see clearly and there’s nothing wrong with my eyes,” she said.

However, her husband, Abdulwasiu Omo Dada, had a problem with it and abandoned them as a result.

She said he initially loved her with her eyes at first but after she had their first child, who was born with the same eyes, their relationship changed and it became hard to have a conversation with her husband. It got worse when she had her younger daughter.

Their case was brought into the limelight by a student of the University of Osun, who travelled to Ilorin for the Sallah festivities.