Which Nigerian Web Hosting Companies Are Hosting Your Sites?

Are you currently using a Nigerian web hosting company to host your site?

If Yes, kindly share.

I am currently using Amazon Lightsail to host this NetDivo Forum and so far, so good.

It was formerly hosted on Garanntor VPS before I moved to to Lightsail in 2019

Over to you…

Which Nigerian hosting company are you using?

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that’s nice…

Currently using Whogohost

Ain’t using Nigeria hosting company.

And whats your experience with them so far?

Been great. No technical issue ever since.

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Garanntor and Whogohost doing a great job at my end. #itsallisay

Pls am trying to purchase a domain name and host my blog with garranto, but for over 1 hour it is still authorising payment. Please what is the course.

Use other payment options. I think it’s a problem from Paystack because some of my customers complained too.

I use Hub8

It finally worked today @jidetheblogger. Am now using Garannto

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Please how can i link garanntor domain name to blogger blog? Where can i find the DNS settings to enter the CNAMEs. @jidetheblogger

It’s right there in your dashboard. Check very well or email support to assist you.

I was able to link it, but having problem of saving the domain in blogspot blog. It have been given me error message for over 24hrs

did you add the second cname?

Yes i did, but to no avail10

i’m currently using naijawebhost.com no technical issue so far i recently moved from namecheap naijawebhost is super fast for me

Omo I think HosterCity is the best web hosting in nigeria right now o. their servers are really impressive. I am happy I found them o. I now use them for my nigeria websites and stuff. you can check them too https://hostercity.com