Upload Photos To Instagram From Your PC With This Client

Available for Mac, Poster is a handy app that lets you upload snaps to your Instagram account – no mobile device required. Windows version will be available soon!.

Please note that you will have to enable downloads from third-party developers in settings to install the app.

If you would like to upload photos to your instagram account from your Windows PC, you can try Gramblr.

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Awesome! I wonder why Instagram only allow users to check pictures on PC and not upload:confused:

Dunno for them. In fact they do block applications that allow users to upload from pc…

Block applications?:neutral_face: That’s really serious!

Why stress yourself when you can use the console of your browser?

Just activate Inspect Element (ctrl+shit+i on Chrome), then choose Toggle device toolbar

Then you can use Instagram on your PC.

Screenshot from 2018-07-01 10-25-14

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But those codes at the right bar have to be there, right?

I mean if one should close the Inspect Elements, the thing is going to revert back to PC view, right?

Am currently using the Mobile Instagram Extension and i think using chrome extension is easier than this…

Thanks for the share

Yes. It will close.

I didn’t see the + upload button @unclesnr

Here it is. Screenshot%20from%202018%2011%2017%2016%2056%2042

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I’ll try Desktop for Instagram and see how it goes…

saw the option on @tuhamworld blog.

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Its what am even using up till now @RealityEmma

You definitely going to love it

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Yeah, it’s superb

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Have you tried it?

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Yeah!! it’s cool… made it easy to use.

here is a screenshot…Desktop%20for%20Instagram

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is the Desktop for Instagram the chrome extension? @tuhamworld @RealityEmma


Super cool!!

And most importantly; One can even use the tool to download Instagram photos :wink:

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Yes its an extension for chrome my ogbongebro :smile:

And it works pretty well

Yes oooo… chrome extension.

Exactly man.

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