Unique Pyramid-Shaped 18-Storey Building In China Goes Viral

A new and huge residential building in China has gone viral on the internet because of its pyramid-like shape.

The public has picked great interest in this futuristic18-storey building, which is located in Kunshan, a city near Shanghai.

A drone video released by China News Service shows a closer look at how the flats were stacked one on top of another on a 45-degree slope as if they were made with Lego blocks.

The unique building which stands 100 metres (330 feet) tall, in Kunshan’s Huaqiao district is a part of a residential and commercial complex, which was completed in 2013 and has two other 12-storey structures.

All three buildings have protruding and slanted surface on two sides, and look like pyramids from an angle. The other two exterior walls of each building are normal vertical ones.

Masters’ Architectural Office, the firm that designed the complex,explained to MailOnline that its architects got inspiration for the building from the traditional Chinese terraced rice fields, which are built into mountain slopes.

The Shanghai-based firm also revealed that it got ideas from an urban activity known as parkour, which sees people running and jumping between buildings and is loved by young Chinese city dwellers. Apparently, the firm hopes the buildings would be associated with the trending and modern sport.

A resident in the complex, known by his surname Huang, told China News Service the buildings’ unique design means each apartment comes with a big terrace and he really liked the feature.

Mr Huang who lives in a third-floor flat said: ‘It is a special way of living. My friends often come to my house to hang out on the terrace. We would drink tea and relax.’

The Chinese public have been intrigued by the building trio and lots of web users have suggested that the complex could be used as a set for sci-fi films.

Some other people find the design quite amazing. A Weibo user shared a post saying ‘I am a bit dizzy after looking at so many balconies’; while another wrote ‘I would get lost in the building’.

Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6155119/Bizarre-pyramid-shaped-building-China-internet-sensation.html