Ulesson - The Video Tutorial App - Ghana, Nigeria

Ulesson is another great app for learning, it is designed to assist Senior Secondary School - SSS prepare for their NECO, WAEC and JAMB exams.

The App is designed to cover four subjects - Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Tutorials are strictly in the form of videos.

How it Works

Registration is easy - Download the app from play store and install it. Register using your phone number and an SMS will be sent to your phone number. After SMS code confirmation, proceed to enter the necessary information like your name and other vital information then you are done.

The app allows you take some free topics but will require you to subscribe if you want to take other topics on a particular subject.

Ulesson is a great learning app. They have excellent teaching experts with great interactive skills and their video tutorial are very easy to understand and well explained with real life examples.

It is designed to consume less data and they also offer an internet dongle sent to their subscribers to reduce the data consumption.

Enjoy learning with Ulesson. You can download the App from play store here You can visit Ulesson website here for more information.