Train Hits And Kills Tavi Pustiu While Live-Streaming

A Romanian pop star died after a train smashed into his car. The moment was captured on camera as he was live streaming to his followers.

Tavy Pustiu who was 29-years-old was playing loud music in his car when the train ran into the vehicle’s passenger side, leaving him dead and his wife struggling for her life.

He was listening to loud manele music, a type of pop-folk music popular in Romania.

The clip shows him focusing on the camera lens as he smoked a cigarette. His wife was shown driving towards a level crossing in the city of Ploiesti, in Romania’s Prahova County. The camera had briefly captured to his wife as both of them grinned at the camera.

She had looked left and right at the crossing but didn’t spot the speeding train. Mr Pustiu let out a scream just after he saw the train hurtling towards the car, but it was regrettably too late. The train had already gotten close and smashed into the side of the white Ford Fiesta, setting both airbags off and completely crumpling the side of the car that Mr Pustiu was in.

A local police spokesman in Prahova said: "As a result of a collision between a train and a car on the level crossing a 29-year-old man who was the passenger in the front of the car was declared dead and a 24-year-old woman who was the driver was injured.

“The accident happened because of non-compliance with the rules at the level crossing.”

The train was said to have been traveling travelling between Maneciu and Ploiesti Sud and that it was a complicated procedure for the firemen to remove the pair from the wreckage.

Mrs Pustiu has been revealed to still be in critical condition and is on life support at the Prahova County Hospital after the accident, which caused several hours of delays in both road and rail traffic.

His death sadly came barely a month after he posted a message to followers on Facebook saying: “One day, the wrong train will take you to the right destination.”

See the video below: