Top 3 Reasons You're Not Getting Traffic to Your New Blog

Getting traffic to a new blog can be tasky at first, unless you already have a well established platform like Ogbongeblog to advertise the new blog on. People create blogs everyday and run out of business (yes, blogging is business), within a few months. I personally know of a guy who stopped blogging because he never passed 800 page views per month with his pile of “weak” content. To get traffic to your blog, all you need to do is research. Yes that’s all, I’ll explain. Researching entails looking up titles that haven’t been talked about yet, observing what a lot in your niche are not doing, observing what the few successful ones are doing, try different techniques and build your brand. Well, let me introduce myself briefly, may i? I’m Moses Ukanna, blogger at Without typing too much, here’s the 3 reasons why you’re not getting traffic and why you may never get:

#1: Your Blog Lacks Good Content

Content is king. That’s the phrase most brilliant marketers like Neil Patel and Michael Dunlop pour their hopes on and get 6 to 7 figure visits (and cash) monthly. Your blog lacks content. Don’t expect to get real traffic with 50 blog posts. You’ll be dreaming big and sleeping long. Create posts that will not be too long and boring but will answer users questions almost entirely. With 50 quality blog posts on your blog, readers would come back for more, Google may give you a thumps up by featuring your posts on the first page for mobile viewers, even when your blog isn’t there. Google is complicated, trust me, it knows your heart somehow by what you write and the way you write what you write. There’s a silverpoint between Good and Quality content though. Good content is satisfactory and attract links, Quality content attract both direct traffic and links too. Don’t think of the post length, think of the delivery.

#2: No Website is Linking to Your Blog Yet

When a website links to your blog, that link is called a Backlink. How many Backlinks does your blog have? Well, sadly, a blog could have 100,000 backlinks and still less authoritative compared to another 10,000 backlined blog. Why? This is because all links aren’t equal. Links from BBC will outweigh links from smaller infamous and questionable websites. So, be watchful of sites that put a link on their blog to your because they could just be performing negative SEO on your blog, killing your rankings and entire domain.

#3: Your Post Titles are Headline Titles

Don’t start from the basics in your niche because, you’ll be wasting a lot of time meant for research. Ogbongeblog is a practical example I’ll be using in all my posts here so, take an instance where you create a blog and decide to blog about Tech Stuff and tailored to Nigerians. You’ll hardly get any traffic because that niche is done. But there’s a good news, if you’re willing to work hard, generate undiscussed titles with keyword tools like Google Planner and SEMrush, generate longtail titles and keywords that people search for, you’ll succeed easily in any niche. Creating titles like “How to Start a Blog” for a new blog in the SEO niche is pointless, but, adding a bit of creativity and coming up with a title like “How to Start a Tech Blog in Nigeria” (or Uganda/Jamaica) will do better. Don’t depend on social networks to drive traffic to your blog, that’s the mistake I made 8 months ago.


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