Tony Trace, Student Of ABU Zaria Said To Have Raped 72 Girls

Suleiman Muhammad Murkthar @iMurkthar, a Muslim, Curator, Research and Communications Analyst has made accusations against a guy named Tony Trace, an ABU Zaria student of raping over 70 girls.

Suleiman Muhammad Murkthar wrote in a post concerning the issue:

This is Tonnie Trace, he has been described as a serial rapist by girls in @ABU_Campus. In 2018, I was able to track 72 different girls that accused him of rape and sexual harassment. And between yesterday and today I have found 9 more and the numbers are climbing.

I’d be reporting this animalistic behavior to the Guidance and Counselling Unit and also the Gender Policy Unit of the University management today. Students needs to be protected from predators like this.Cc: @hassana_maina @FakhuusHashim It only takes one true story to be tagged a rapist… Saying 72 is a big lie sounds like if it didnt get to that number he should be excused.