This Tool Lets You Generate Screenshot Of How Responsive Your Site Is

You can click here to generate screenshot of your responsive site.

This is not a tool for testing responsiveness, it is really important that you do that on real devices.

Below is a screenshot of Ogbongeblog which I generated from the site earlier this morning :

Is your site responsive?


This is cool, I just checked mine

Wow! Great! This is so cool.

Very nice tool. i checked my website and the responsiveness was awesome.

Waooo. This is awesome I must say.

Wow :astonished:

It’s pretty cool! But @jidetheblogger does that mean the Emporio theme can truly display 3posts at a time instead of 2 as it is shown on a PC?

With wider screens i think Yes. Because there are some screens that display the posts 1 and not in 2(s)

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Great I tried it out

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It shows 1 on mobile, 2 on PC and i wonder the devices that will be displaying 3 posts :smile:

wow its really making sense

a PC will, it depends on the screen size,. I have seen a Computer that display 1 post in one of the cyber cafe here.

1 post on a computer?

That cybercafe must have been using a computer or OS that is outdated :smile:

Try using a TV screen as an external monitor …

Yes o. :smile:

Anytime i go there, i’ll try and get a screenshot for you.

Working with their systems is always very bad, you won’t see things the way it is.

I’ll try that soon :smile:

I totally understand bro

Recently use a cybercafe too in Ogbomoso and checked an emporio blog’s theme on it. The system was showing a single post

Exactly bro. You gat it…

Check this on laptop…Here

Saw yours with 3 columns… I guess that’s because you ain’t using a Sidebar?

Here is mine

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