This is the reason your Adsense accounts are getting banned massively

My thoughts on the recent adsense mass ban!

You see my friends, Google owns the web and despite how our inner intent seems to disagree, the truth exists which we have to accept whole-heartedly.

You see, here are the mistakes we all make that attract google adsense ban: I will first start from the funny timeline articles some bloggers post. They post screenshots of adsense earnings earned through blackhat means (they are not even scared of saying it out) on their timelines and different facebook groups forgetting that atleast a single google adsense staff is also a facebook user, not only that blackhats are gradually becoming old school.

Just like I told my friend 3 months back, “Engaging in blackhat is like running round a circle.”

To you you’re actually heading somewhere but you’re not moving an inch.

Let’s move over

Google knows majority of bloggers run fb ads just to increase their adsense earnings, their advanced their system to understand bloggers who are doing it specially for adsense alone.

Not only that, Facebook also has bots that follows your website through adverts.

Let’s move on,

Your webpage has little word count and is redirected to an empty page where all I see is 7 adsense units stuffed up everywhere, you don’t even respect google terms of service and you are not providing any content to readers, bad navigation and interface.

Your website is poorly designed and because that “Blogging-Pro” told you blogging is a quick rich scheme you forget that blogging is all about providing relevancy and all you can think about is how to make money from the first week.

You move from one website to another plagiarizing contents and images along. You forgot that someone spent his tireless time writing it. Entertainment bloggers don’t even care to rewrite, some just follow trends blindly and cause troubles for themselves that their innocent village people will later receive credits for.

Lastly, you have 5 adsense as a boss and you want to prove to Google that you are ready to make that money by force and no one not even them the MASTERS can stop you. My brother, you don’t even fear God, you login to all 5 adsense accounts using one browser and one IP address, you forgot when Google said one Adsense per individual. When you finish maxing the threshold and @noreply pay you a warm visit all you can recall is your village people and their long lasting influence in your life.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . To those who have never used Google Adsense before. Trust me, this is the perfect time to start applying for adsense. 95% approval rate is guaranteed. Have a Great Evening!


Well said bro. Dunno how some guys think they can outsmart Google for life. The guys at Google are not sleeping. They are also observing…

Google Adsense approval is now easy… But you really true faa

lol @jidetheblogger but you are right sha…

The way some people take Google Adsense ehn, like say na one person dey manage am and the person be mumu. When you tried to tell them the truth, they would refuse thinking you’re not smart

This is G.O.O.G.L.E not Beans!:grinning:

That original image stuff Na long thing oo. It’s not everybody that knows how to design images.

My suggestion and I think it will help newbie bloggers is if you can be able to re-explain google TOS for them.

What I mean, is to kindly break it down to their level of understanding.

What do you think?

Mine was disable recently, not because of blackhat stuff or quick earning stuff but because i made a very silly mistake to allow my ads to display on a sales single page i created for a product i was selling.

Your adsense account had been disabled due to “invalid traffic”

But when I went on a thorough investigation, i found out that the fault was from me.

What an educative write-up for many bloggers (adsense users) will benefit from it. You really nailed it bro…some guys do think that they are smarter than google…and go against the TOS, if G block their account you begin seeing their updates especially on fb adsense this adsense that… na them sabi all i believe is if you really want to make it follow the rules Shikenan