Soldier Charged With Attempted Murder For 'Knowingly' Infecting Girlfriend With HIV In South African

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A soldier in the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) has been charged with attempted murder for allegedly infecting his partner with HIV intentionally.

The 44-year-old staff sergeant stationed at the SANDF’s Special Forces Unit based in Phalaborwa, Limpopo was arraigned in court on Friday September 4.

It was reported that the soldier who cannot be named to protect the identity of the victim, underwent compulsory regular medical examinations as a SANDF operative and these include HIV tests.

In October 2007, he tested positive for HIV at the SANDF sickbay in Phalaborwa. Further tests confirmed his positive status. In 2016, the accused became romantically involved with a corporal in the SA Air Force. The accused had consensual and unprotected intercourse with her on several occasions between December 2016 and April 2017.

It was gathered that before the couple became romantically involved, the female corporal tested negative for HIV in August 2016. In the charge sheet made available to the publication, the lady also revealed that she never had an intercourse with anyone from the time she received her HIV report until she became involved with the accused.

She also disclosed that she was persuaded into having unprotected by the soldier who made her believe he was HIV negative. It was alleged that the soldier will either refuse to wear a condom during s3x, would prematurely remove the condom before the completion of s3xual intercourse or would insist and persist on having unprotected s3x with the victim. The victim tested positive for HIV in April 2017.

Though the soldier is currently out of custody on a warning, the case was adjourned till September 16.