Sell or Buy Used Clothes At ThredUp

If you need a website where you can sell and buy used clothes in USA, then you can try

When you want to buy or sell something used online, your first thought might be to use Craigslist.

Of course, using Craigslist does have valid concerns. Used clothes aren’t something you’d normally want to buy online, especially from Craigslist. You never know where they’ve been or what condition they’re really in.

ThredUp aims to change that. The site has a strict set of quality standards for all clothes it accepts from sellers. It employs a team of fashion experts to go through all the clothes and approve them for sale.

Clothing’s not all you can save money on, though. You can also find all sorts of used shoes, purses and handbags on the site at very cheap price. That’s where you can really save the big bucks.

Imagine getting a like-new Coach bag for a huge discount. You can save money on clothes for your kids and grandkids, too.

If you have nice clothes you want to get rid of before updating your wardrobe, you can sell them on the site, too. ThredUp depends on people like you to collect its inventory. It’s easy to send in your old stuff to make a little extra cash.

Whether your style is contemporary or vintage-inspired, casual or businesslike, thredUP has the clothes you want to add to your wardrobe. Shop today to get fabulous pieces at up to 90% off regular retail!

If you are in Nigeria and want to shop from ThredUp USA to Nigeria, you can ship to a USA address and from there ship to Nigeria. Contact @jidetheblogger for USA to Nigeria shipments.