Payoneer Card Update: Are They not Sending Cards Again?

A client message me on whatsapp and asked if Payoneer are not sending Debit Cards as they did before. He deduced this based on what he heard from someone that you only need to connect your bank account and for the fact that his card had not yet arrived?

I once have a payoneer card too but lost it. When i tried to open a new account and request for new one, i don’t think i saw a message with "your card will soon be shipped to your address"

#Now, does it mean Payoneer no longer deliver cards again?


You have to set your shipping address again and re-apply…

The question was actually asked by a client, the time to receive mine is not yet. I just wanted to know if they’re still shipping cards? :smile:

Yeah…Even my own took to three month before i could receive it…

Someone posted on Facebook that Payoneer will now ship cards to users after they’ve received money in their accounts.


So if the rumour is true, it’s only if one had received money in the account? :neutral_face:

Yes and that’s cool. Many account holders have the card but not using it.


i think they should still send cards o… Let me self apply for my for my online earnings at

That’s true since shipping is free… I guess that would make people value it more :smile:

Is it also true that there is a $20 charge on first money earned?

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Please what is payoneer?

Haven’t heard of such development. All I know is that you are given up to 3 times to request for your card in case you didn’t receive the initial one(s).

I mean, what is it all about?

Chi I tink so, because am also not received mine oo

This is what I got from them


Did you received this email from them?

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Yes, that is the mail from them

Me too, its a month now and haven’t receive my card but the whole truth is that they will ship it whether you have money in your account or not cos a colleague got his just last week and only waited for 6weeks. Admin @

That colleague of yours, does he had funds in it?

You have to reset your address again for them to locate it easily…

Okay, Thank you