Opera Ad Manager Lets You Create Adverts That Display in Opera Browsers and News Apps

Originally published at: https://www.ogbongeblog.com/opera-ad-manager-create-adverts-in-opera-browsers-news-apps.html

Since its launch in May, 2019, Opera Ads has become a force to be reckoned with – it reaches and engages millions of Opera users worldwide with innovative, content-based Ad experiences from Opera’s global inventory, across its portfolio of products.

Over the last two years, the Opera team is constantly innovating and introducing new capabilities to support advertisers, one of which is the launch of Opera Ad Manager, a self-serve advertising platform that empowers advertisers to take full control of Ad campaigns – from planning to execution – within the Opera Self Service ecosystem.

Opera Ad Manager is a portal that offers individual businesses and service providers the opportunity to advertise to their ideal audience around the globe, leveraging an easy to use interface to access the scaled inventory of Opera’s trusted browsers and news apps in the most transparent way.

The Opera Ad Manager self-serve engine, powered by DanAds, enables automation of all ad-operations, sales, and creative management to increase efficiency and reduce the end-to-end campaign execution time. This allows anyone to convey their message to the right audience, at the perfect time, in the most opportune place. How so? 

  • Ease of use and freedom of choice: Starting your own campaign has never been simpler thanks to the straight-forward and easily accessible platform. At every stage you are able to view all available options and play with the variables. This freedom of choice is what makes self-service advertising so popular.
  • Full control of campaigns: Control your creatives, scheduling, spending and targeting with fully transparent results. Review custom reporting and analytics for your campaigns visualized with online graphs and tables that can be easily exported.
  • Reach: Unlock and access all the tools you need to reach millions of highly engaged users around the globe.

If you want to run Opera ads, register and login to Opera Ad Manager portal now via : https://admanager.opera.com/