New and promising Nigerian blog : Mfon Elisha's Blog

(Mfon Elisha's Blog) #1

Mfon Elisha’s Blog is a new blog that’s owned by a Nigerian, Mfon Elisha. This blog is a promising blog that would sharpen your Relationship, Lifestyle and sports life for the better. So what are you still waiting for? Hurry now to Are you having issues in your relationship?
Are you looking for better ways of improving you lifestyle?
Are you in love?
Visit Mfon Elisha’s Blog for enthusiastic articles on how to build a healthy and long lasting relationship.

(Moses Ukanna) #2

Its a Nice Blog, and Promising too. Thanks for being around.

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(Emmanuel Ekanem) #3

Cool, but Relationship, Lifestyle and sport on one blog? not cool.

If you want to do sports, focus on sport, if you want to do Realationship and Lifestyle, focus on it, don’t combine. Have a NICHE

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(Mfon Elisha's Blog) #4

Thank you Very much

(Emmanuel) #6

Just the niche and you are good to go @Mygistzonline

(Moses Ukanna) #7

Nice Blog Dear… You love what you’re doing, and if so, let that passion propel you into greater heights.