Need adsense account to buy for a 6 years old blog that adsense account was disabled

Hello everyone here. I need your help and also a new adsense account to buy for my 6 year old blog. i have tried messaging Jide for more than two years now on facebook but he is a busy person so i decided to make use of this forum.

So, i had issues with my google adsense account for my blog because i couldn’t find the pin google sent to the post office close to my address. I never took it that serious though but now i am back to blogging with a lot of clicks and visitors and it pains me these traffic are just useless to me. One way or the other i messed up the adsense account so i am here to see if there is any way i can buy an adsense and input it in the same old blog.

I have a friend who is blogger too and agreed we use his adsense account but google keep rejecting my site for no actual reason. I really need this right now and i will like to here from gurus here on how i should go about it.