Most Viewable Ad Position Is Not Above The Fold - Google Adsense. Do You Agree?

Below is a video published by Google Adsense.

In the video, the Adsense team claims that the most viewbable position is not the top of the page but rather right above the fold (0.50sec) as seen in the screenshot below:

According to the video, “above the fold” is the highest viewable position across both desktop and mobile web.

The video also claims that the most viewable ad sizes are vertical ad units because they stay longer as user move around the page.

What’s your take on this?

Do you earn more from vertical ad units especially those placed on the sidebar?

They’re right. Their policies caution against that (putting ads all above content), But I think its the most viewable position for many blogs so far. I’ve not tried this positioning on my blog though. The vertical ads are the ones on the sidebar and… Don’t earn much from them.

vertical ads are long in height so you scroll more to have more view of them unlike horizontal ads where within 2seconds you have scroll pass them.