Make Money Doing Micro Jobs and Freelance Services in Nigeria on Oyerr

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Oyerr Marketplace is a Nigerian Freelance Platform where Services and Micro Jobs are created and paid for. For each gig your create and complete an order for, you keep 80% of the gig charge. Payments are sent directly to your local naira bank account. On Oyerr, you share what you will do for money, deliver a great job and get paid, I have seen people make some good money already since it’s launch three weeks ago (13th September 2017).

See a random seller’s account revenue records oyerr__user_revenues

There are far more jobs being completed and much more extra income being made on Oyerr, it is advisable you to join actively in this journey to make extra income become major income subsequently.

It is good that everyone is able to use the Oyerr platform effectively, that is why Oyerr has composed and published tips, steps and best practices on the Oyerr blog. Link: Oyerr Official Blog

The Oyerr website totally secured with SSL protection for all requests, quite easy to understand and usable from any internet accessing device. Features such as adding extra gig (i.e job) features, creating custom gigs, placing buyer requests for gigs not found on the system, instant messaging for both buyers and sellers, quick support and 1 day withdrawal process to naira accounts directly makes this system a revolutionary micro job website that will definitely create limitless employment opportunities for the Nigerian youth and hopefully youth and skill persons all over the world, this will aid in boosting the Nigerian economy and help in alleviating the poverty level in Nigeria.

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