Make Logo To Display On All Pages Of Emporio Blogger Theme

By default, the blog logo doesn’t display on post pages of #emporio Blogger theme. Instead, blog title is displayed.

Anyway, you can force the logo to display on all pages.


Search for the code below in your blog’s html :

<header class='centered-top-container' role='banner'>
              <b:class cond='data:view.isSingleItem' name='sticky'/>
              <div class='centered-top'>

and change the “sticky” to “sticky1” to disable the sticky effect.

If you notice any space above the header after implementing the trick above, search for this :

.item-view .page_body {
    padding-top: 70px;

and modify it to this :

.item-view .page_body {
    /* padding-top: 70px; */

Let me know if it works for you.


Thank for the info bro

I’ll give it a shot!

My header/blog title display at the back of my post… why…?

Goto yur blog layout >> header and select the logo to display instead of title and description

@Tuhamworld sir is still did the same thing sir…


something must have messed up in your theme. Are you sure you followed the below settings?

Yes sir …

Or should i re-apply the emperior theme for better result

After i apply the html to my theme i discover that the logo only show at the top of my post that does not have image illustrator on it…the remaining post that has images is not showing on that …please what can i do…?

which html.did you apply?

That is what i apply sir…i make the changes of my (sticky) to (sticky1) and it doesn’t work sir…

You are not suppose to apply anything. Just search for the code and modify it as explained…

That’s what i did …

I only changed the sticky to sticky1 as explained above sir…

Sir i’m waiting for your response…

having same problem here . The header is at my post’s back

After following every step, the post thumbnail image started appearing clearly at the top of the post page and its not blur anymore…