Let’s Encrypt: Registration key is already in use - Fixed

If you get “Let’s Encrypt: Registration key is already in use” error message while trying to generate free ssl certificate for your WordPress site using WP Encrypt plugin, here is how to fix the error :

  • Sign in to cPanel, go to “File Manager”, navigate to wp-encrypt plugin folder (wp-content > plugins)

  • Navigate to inc > WPENC > Core folder. Right there, you will see CertificateManager.php

  • Now, use code editor to open the CertificateManager.php

  • Scroll to the “Retrieves information about a Let’s Encrypt account” section of the file and carefully comment out the code below :

      if ( isset( $response['status'] ) && 200 !== absint( $response['status'] ) ) {
      				return $this->parse_wp_error( $response );

What your file should look like after editing it,


Save the file.

  • Return to your WordPress admin > Settings > WP Encrypt.
  • Click on the “Register account” button again. It will no longer display the error.
  • Click on “generate certificate” and install the ssl certificate as required.

I hope this helps.


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Which is better between lets encrypt and cloudflare free ssl