In What Way Do You Think We Can Improve This Platform? Come In


(Břy Añ Wālker) #1

Oga @jidetheblogger @jideogunsanya I’m not liking the way this platform is! @RealityEmma Come In Jhoor! This Forum Is Suppose To Be where one shares idea! like maybe you discovered something new and you’d want others which you know are very much in-need of it too! instead everybody wee keep it to their self…

As-side that seff nah only when Planet.Ogbongeblog Host Program to win prizes nah members go from no where come dey drag their father plot of bushes. I know am nobody here! But being a member here makes me a somebody! I do visit others forum! even for night seff member still dey post! they share ideas… Nah only @RealityEmma And @jidetheblogger I dey see most times active here! Ion like how this forum they! biko lets just try anyhow, anywhere and in ways we know can improve this forum! Bloggers here advertise Planet.Ogbongeblog on your blog with the sign up link! Share links and invite more members here!

Abeg if i speak your mind! No raise HAND up

(Jide Ogunsanya) #2

lol…thanks for this piece.

(Břy Añ Wālker) #3

I’m serious here boss! Nobe laughing issues be this ooo

(Emmanuel Ekanem) #4

Lol. :joy: :joy: you’re kind of right sha… This is our planet :waxing_gibbous_moon: we can’t run from it.

(Stanley Chidon) #5

You’re right

(Břy Añ Wālker) #6

Goood! So please let’s try and do something about it

(Aseize Okaztle) #7

:smirk_cat: :smirk_cat:

(Jide Ogunsanya) #8

Ohk, start posting latest updates related to topics we share here. :wink: