Import Blogger To WordPress With Images

When I moved Ogbongeblog from Blogger to WordPress, I successfully import Blogger posts to WordPress with images by making use of the Blogger importer extended plugin for WordPress.

It also imports Blogger comments to WordPress and it imports Blogger labels into WordPress as “tags”. I prefer it to the Blogger Importer plugin by wordpressdotorg.

How To Use Blogger Importer Extended Plugin

  • Sign in to your WordPress dashboard
  • Navigate to Plugins > “Add New
  • Search for “Blogger importer extended” plugin
  • Install and activate it.
  • Click “start”, Sign in and follow the steps.
  • Allow it to convert formatting and Preserve slugs
  • Chill till it transfers all your content from Blogger to WordPress.


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The Blogger Importer plugin is quite pretty cool as it also move the blogger pages unlike the normal Blogger Importer which doesn’t move pages… But the problem i have with the extended plugin is; seems if one change the date of a post, it will cause 404 error

If you change the date of a post before you move to WordPress right?

Am not sure of before moving but it happened after moving to WordPress. Though i was later able to fix it using post date redirection plugin

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Never change date on WordPress. It will generate new URL for the post except if you are not using the permalink structure that has year and month in it.

If you change the dates on Blogger too, it will likely cause 404 when you move to WordPress as WordPress will recognize the original date. I suffered so much from this :frowning:

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But some niche can’t do without changing dates nah…

Like education niche, some might need to update the date of a post let’s say they published in 2016 to 2017…

I recently moved a client site from blogger to WordPress and the person had changed lot of dates on Blogger

He also did on WordPress and come see lot of 404 errors :open_mouth: || Took me days before finding a permanent solution

Na wa oo and what’s the permanent solution bro?

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there’s a plugin called post date redirection plugin. After installation and activation, It helps to fix that issue :smile: