How to use affiliate marketing to increase your e-commerce sales

I will keep saying it that one of the most effortless courses for boosting the sales of online eCommerce store is through the use of affiliate marketing. This may includes joining your resources with another online eCommerce store, moving reciprocal items and inquiring as to whether they can elevate your items to their online network. However, for each of the sale made, your sale referrer will be rewarded a commission of the income that is obtained. Member advertising the items on your online e-commerce store is one of the least complex approaches to increase the return of investment (ROI). However, that is the reason we have to demonstrate the structure of the affiliate marketing framework which will help you to increase the sales of your items and also make you accomplish your business targets. I will explain the strategy on how you can start using affiliate marketing to boost your online e-commerce store.

How to Create Affiliate marketing Program

There are two ways in which you can design an affiliate marketing programme for online e-commerce store. The fact is that, there are free and paid affiliate marketing software that you can use with your online e-commerce store to enhance your sales. Shopify is one of the popular website that offer paid software including free trial. If your e-commerce store is woocommerce, there are a lot of free plugins that you can use to add affiliate marketing system to your store. You need to know the platform of your online e-commerce store, if perhaps your store is built on WordPress engine in which you will install the woo commerce plugin to start up your store. However, for you to include affiliate marketing system you need to install any of these plugins: AffiliateWP and ThirstyAffiliate; this plugin will grant users or registered member privilege to share the affiliate link. The affiliate link is used to bring customers to your sales page. Not only that, the user will be given commission for each customer that make a purchase through the affiliate link.

Secondly, you can just register with any affiliate network that are reliable. In fact, there are different marketplaces which can allow other online eCommerce stores to display their items and find those (affiliates) willing to promote their items.

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I will recommend this option because there is availability of enough affiliates to market your items. Some of this affiliate network charge monthly fee, creating your own affiliate system can is preferred if you can give your time to get six or eight signups.

Configuring The Commission rate

Proper planning is required before you adopt a commission rate for your online e-commerce store. Before I get started, What is commission? Commission is a particular amount of money given to the affiliates or salesperson for each sale he or she made. Take for instance, if commission for selling an item on an e-commerce website is 50%; the affiliate(salesperson) will earn 50% of the purchase price per sales. Truth be told, the commission rate is one of the important factor that can influence your sales. However, the salesperson put more energy or effort to advertise a product if the commission rate is high compared a lower commission rate. 50% commission will energize the affiliates to bring in more sales than just 5% commission. Therefore, you need to choose a perfect commission rate for your e-commerce store.

Credit: Chiwapz digital marketing