How to migrate from blogger to WordPress

Please sir @jidetheblogger @jideogunsanya How can I migrate from blogger to WordPress, need help… Question open to all, thanks

Steps I Recommend

Ensure your Blogger blog is using custom domain. if not, switch to custom domain.

Purchase web hosting plan for your WordPress blog. You can try this host. It rocks :wink:

Once your hosting plan has been activated, sign in to your cPanel and install WordPress.

Change your custom domain nameservers to that of your new host and chill till you can access your installed new WordPress site in your Web browser. Alternatively, you can get things done on a subdomain as explained here before making changes to your domain DNS.

Once you can access your new WordPress site in your web browser, sign in to your WordPress dashboard and delete the sample post and sample page.

Thereafter, go to Settings -> Permalinks and select Custom Structure option and paste the following value next to it and save changes.


Thereafter, install the “Blogger Importer Extended” plugin and use it to export your Blogger posts (including images and comments) to the WordPress site. Alternatively, you can export your Blogger blog and use Blogger Importer plugin to import the file to your WordPress site.

Once your posts are successfully imported, ensure the links are intact by running the script shared in this post. - Very Important!

You can install Post Date Change Redirection plugin to fix handle changes in post dates…


You can proceed to fix some redirections eg the m?=1 redirection, feed redirection etc

You should also watch out for 404 pages in the long run and redirect them accordingly.

I will share more tips in the long run and you can check them via the #blogspot2wordpress tag.

Have fun!


thank you sir, please what if i use instead of siteground an 2.please will my Adsense still be intact sir? thank you, sir,

Migration has nothing to do with Adsense.


Pls do I have to create an account with or .org before installing wordpress in the cPanel of my hosting. Thank you

If you’re using , it’s free to use. You don’t have to worry about installing any software

But if you want to host your own site, you would have to install the wordpress software

so I should create a wordpress account through or

It depends on the type you want… Do you want to use something like or you want to have your own wordpress site like

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Hi, Please I want to migrate my blog from blogger to wordpress. Also I DON’T want to use the same domain I am currently using with the blogger on this wordpress, so I bought a fresh domain and I have installed wordpress on the fresh domain. Please can @jidetheblogger help me out on how best to do this OR should I still follow the tutorial on this page???


change the domain name on the blogspot to the new custom domain and proceed with migration as explained on this page.

Chai!!! I av already imported the blogger to wordpress following the tutorial here (though I am not yet thru with d tutorial yet) BUT I didn’t change domain name on blogger to the new domain I bought.

What do I do now???