How To Create Moz Pro Account For Free With Using your real info for lifetime

Moz keyword research tool is still as powerful as it used to be, when you know exactly what you’re doing, there are numerous things you can actually do with moz #seo tool, which backlinks analysis and traffic monitoring are inclusive, over time people tends to shift their attention from the use of this very tool to sophisticated tool (ahref, semrush, kwfinder, longtail pro , etc.) which most persons, especially newbies in the blogging world can’t even afford.

Its better to start with cheap tools like this, that’s if you don’t know how to use the almighty google keyword planner, to make your keyword research and apply “keyword golden ratio”.

How then do you get this moz pro account for free as a beginner, there are numerous ways you can get it, but let’s follow the simple step in the video below.

How to create moz pro account without using your real details for lifetime. Yes, lifetime because you’re going to be repeating smart method on a monthly basis.

I once wrote an article on my blog in respect to this topic but a written article can’t be understandable as video tutorial, so decided to make a very comprehensive and easy to assimilate video tutorial that will guide you on how to create moz pro account.

One thing to remember, you won’t be using your real email address, your card number and the payment information won’t carry your name.

Its safe and convenient and has upto 5000 lookup.

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