How To Create Facebook Messenger Destination Ad

For those that are not aware, you can now set Facebook messenger as destination for news feed ads i.e you can create a Facebook ad that includes a click to action that links to Facebook messenger.

Once someone clicks on such ads ,they will be directed to a conversation within Facebook Messenger. Upon arrival, a chat bot will appear with a greeting or a thread with a copy of the ad.

In order to create an ad with this new capability, you must choose a specific objective, placement, media, and call to action.

To unlock this feature, you must choose the “traffic” or “conversions” objective when creating your Facebook ad. Desktop and mobile news feed placement is required. Ensure you add a call to action button to your ad.

For you to set up messages (messenger content), you’ll need to provide introductory text (optional), message text, and button.

The button can be a “learn more” button with a “open a website” action" which links to your blog or any webpage.

See sample below :

You can also link the CTA button to your chatbot. I will talk more about this at a one on one training that will hold soon in Lagos.

I’m currently using the Facebook messenger as destination ad to sell my software and it’s making alot of sense.

I will also start using it to promote Ogbongeblog chatbot to those that visit the blog.

It’s cool. Give it a try!

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cool, i just subscribed to your chatbot.

Am currently learning how to create this bot for marketing purposes

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