How can i space my blog post like yours ogbongeblog


(kelvin) #1

please how can i give space between my blog post? my blog post is in grid format like yours, i want to increase the space between them. please help me out this is my site URL

(Jide Ogunsanya) #2 is now on WordPress

(Jide Ogunsanya) #3

Hi, @Alhajikelvin

Why are you scrapping my blog posts?

See :


And I am sure there will be more if I dig further.

Remove all posts you copied from my sites asap before I do the needful.

(kelvin) #4

I’m a newbie still confused on blogging, I don’t know from my left to right I’m really sorry for that, you know you are my boss, please have mercy, please tell me what to do. I have been on this for more than three months now and I’m not getting any result, I’m tired, I really need help please, I’m your loyal boy oh.

Sir please help me…

(Emmanuel Ekanem) #5

Hello, @Alhajikelvin kindly take down all the posts you copied from Ogbongeblog

I was expecting you to delete it by now, but you still keep it… Is this how you’ll succeed as a blogger?

You could lose your blog cos of this, so take all of em down.