Francis Nwokike (About me)

Hello Ogbonge bloggers, my name is Francis Nwokike. I’m a public servant, a disaster manager to be precise. I work for the government but aside my normal job, I also consult for startups. I major in small business build up strategies and marketing. I am the founder of, an entrepreneurship blog that focus in providing relevant business related information. I am also the CEO of OFRAN INVESTMENT COMPANY LIMITED, the brain behind OFRAN Janitorial services. I also designe WordPress sites.

I love to learn as well as teach. I’m a member of the Urban Space Entrepreneurship group. It’s a group formed by young individuals where business ideas are shared. We also pull resources together to fund bankable projects or invest in anything of our choice.

Let me stop here, but not without thanking Jide for creating this platform. I admire his consistency and the fact he values growth and upping of one’s game. He is really gifted.

You can message me if you wish to connect with me, I’ll love to connect with the amazing gurus in this platform. FB_IMG_1509523978989


Hello Francis, it is a great pleasure meeting gurus like you on this platform i am the proud owner of and i will like to apply for adsense on my wordpress blog but dont know how to go about it . i dont mind learning form guru like you . thanks Dickson