Fidget Spinner : Have You Played With It In Google Search?

Have you played with the Google search virtual fidget spinner?

If not, go to and search for spinner or click here.

Thereafter, you should see this spinning widget :

If not spinning, click the designated ‘Spin’ button.

There is also a toggle in the right upper corner that lets you swap the spinner with a virtual wheel of fortune. You can further adjust the size of the wheel to any number between 2 and 20.

It works in chrome, firefox and opera. Not sure if it works in safari and opera mini browser.

Does it work for you? :slight_smile:

Here is the real fidget spinner toy :

Cool! Am going to try it out when am on PC☺ Being a Geek all the time can be boring :wink:

lol. It works on mobile too. Try chrome for android…

I think i would need to update my chrome browser first or it doesn’t really matter whether it’s the older version or latest version of chrome?

Just try it bro…

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