# "Don't be stingy about saying Thank You" - Bayo Omoboriowo writes after President Buhari expressed his appreciation to him for dedication to duty


Nigerian photojournalist and official photographer to President Buhari, Bayo Omoboriowo, said he felt good when that the President expressed appreciation to him for his diligence and dedication to duty.

According to the photographer, he drove up to 170 kmph after he was called for a last minute meeting with President Buhari on Sunday night, July 25.

“The President saw me and said Bayo thank you for going out of your way to make it as though he knew it must have cost me a lot to have made it,” he wrote.

Omoboriowo, who disclosed this on Instagram, said the words of appreciation by the President made the whole effort worth the while.

“I felt so good. Those words of appreciation made the whole effort worth the while. NB: Don’t be stingy about saying THANK YOU.” he added.