Disable Sticky Header In Emporio Blogger Theme

If you want to disable the sticky header in #emporio Blogger theme, add the code below to your blog html :

.centered-top-container.sticky {
    position: inherit !important;


search your blog html for the code below :

<header class='centered-top-container' role='banner'>
              <b:class cond='data:view.isSingleItem' name='sticky'/>
              <div class='centered-top'>

and change the “sticky” to “sticky1

You can also try this of you want to disable the sticky header in the other new Blogger themes.

Kindly let me know if it works for you.

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Helpful But you have not helped with the explanation on how to place the responsive AdSense ads below fold on emporio template

You need to explain better maybe with a screenshot. Anyway, check out these tutorials :

How to add Adsense below post title - https://planet.ogbongeblog.com/t/add-adsense-below-post-title-in-emporio-blogger-theme/72/1

How to add Adsense below posts - https://planet.ogbongeblog.com/t/add-adsense-below-post-in-blogger-emporio-theme/73/1

Thanks this is the screenshoti am using emporio template

How can i disable that first big post that appears on emporio theme i want it to look like that of yours

Disable “Featured Post” via Layout…

my header display at the back of my post…sir …why?