Debate ensues after woman says she ended her friendship with her male friend because his girlfriend didn't like her saying "I love you" to him at the end of their calls

Is it wrong for a person to say “I love you” to their best friend of the opposite sex who is in a romantic relationship with someone else?

This debate was started on Twitter by a woman who said she broke off her relationship with her male friend because his girlfriend had a problem with her saying “love you” to him at the end of their calls - something they used to do before the man started dating his girlfriend.

Chanelle Mauricette tweeted: "I used to be really good friends with a guy but he broke off our friendship because his girlfriend hated that I would say love you when I hang up the phone. If you’re that insecure that you don’t want your partner being loved by their friends you shouldn’t be in a relationship.

"Like it’s instinct, if I love you those will be the last words you hear from me when we part ways. God forbid something happens on either end, I want words of affirmation and love to be our last exchange. If you don’t want to be loved I’m not the friend for you.

“I say this to a”everyone that I’m close to if they were together I’d just say love you both & keep it moving. Neither me nor him saw a problem with it, he found the whole situation stressful as did I hence why we called the friendship. If you think this isn’t controlling, u wrong.”

She added that people in relationships do not “own” their partners and shouldn’t think the love their partners receive should come from them alone.

She said: "Completely dumbfounded that people think they have a monopoly over the love their partners receive. You experience people, you do not own them.

“Saying ‘love you bye, love you, love bro’ after a phone call should not be a problem. Me and ALL my friends say love you to each other.”

While some agreed with her tweet, others disagreed.

Below are a few reactions.