Coronavirus Update: Lady Who Tested Positive Shares The Symptoms She Experienced

A female UK Twitter user, Aphrodite @d_psycho_guru has shared her coronavirus story, how she got it and the symptoms she experienced.

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I just tested positive to the corona virus. I’m too weak to even feel sorry for myself, but I intend to share my symptoms to allow people quickly identify and self-isolate immediately, to avoid infecting others.

My symptoms were this severe, and my incubation period was shorter, because I have an underlying health condition. My healthy husband is very fine, just fatigue and occasional coughing. I will update this as I go.

6th March: someone coughed into my face mistakenly, while speaking to me (yes run away from people that are coughing). I don’t know why the staff came to work knowing he had a cough.

9th: I had my first diarrhoea.

10th: I woke up on 10th with an uncomfortable throat. I felt like I had a film in my throat, but it wasn’t saw. Diarrhoea again. Also I felt bloated. Also, I felt dizzy while in the car; but this is normal, so it didn’t bother me. #Corvid19uk #covid19UK #coronavirus

11th: I woke up with puffy eyes. Like, actual SWOLLEN eyes. Sneezed a few, but hey that’s normal in the UK. Lost my appetite. A bit fatigued. Later at night, my coughing intensified.

12th: my temperature soared to 40degs. I was coughing hysterically but there was no phlegm coming out. I started sneezing. My Voice sounded like I had a cold. I was weak and tired. My throat felt itchy. #coronavirus #covid19UK #COVID2019

13th: coughing & Sneezinf intensified. Rib cage hurt. No appetite. Loss of breath. Temperature dropped to 36. Quite fatigued but went to the store for supplies (found none by the way, thanks Britain!). Couldn’t take deep breaths #coronavirus #COVID2019 #covid19UK

14th: woke up with a headache & extremely sore ribs from the coughing. Suspected a chest infection. Temperature rose back to 40. Coughed more. Sneezed more. Actually felt down. Voice sounded weak and flu-like. Couldn’t make a complete sentence w/o gasping.

15th: got admitted in hospital. Temp at 40deg. Coughed more. Sneezed hysterically. Was weak. Lost mobility. Was in pains (back, ribs). No appetite. Was extremely thirsty. X-ray showed chest infection. Got placed on antibiotics and painkillers. Voice sounded so weak and flu-like.

16th: felt ok. Coughing reduced drastically. Sneezed less. Was stronger. Worked from home. Couldn’t laugh cos rib still hurt. THIRSTY. Temp at 36-37. Slowly gained mobility. Voice still weak and flu-like. Throat felt better.

17th: felt better. Walked faster. Extremely THIRSTY. Temp at 36. dizzy. Had more appetite. Had hallucinations. Temporary loss of recent memory. Couldn’t speak much. Vomited. Fatigued. No sense of taste or smell. No sneezing, coughed twice. Coughed up phlegm.

18th: Temp at 37. Well enough to type this and work from home. No sense of taste or smell. No appetite. Thirsty. Voice sounds weak and flu-like. Short breaths. Swollen eyes. Coughing up phlegm. Hurting eye socket. #COVID2019 #covid19UK #coronavirus

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