Bimber Template: How do i fix Header code Issues


(Sagetravels) #1

Good Afternoon,

Last night i was trying to add Google console code to my site in order to verify the blog. Unfortunately, when i clicked on header under editor, my network went bad that i didn’t know how i cleared the whole header code and updated the site. As it is now my blog is completely disordered everything has scattered. I really need a help.

How can i fix everything in order.

Note, I don’t have the theme. A friend uploaded it for me and for days now his phone is switch off. I am unable to contact him to get the theme from him.

Any suggestion or solution.

Template name is Bimber.

Site name.

Thank you

(Jide Ogunsanya) #2

Whenever you want to add anything to the header, use insert headers and footers plugin.

You can switch to a free wordpress theme pending the time the guy can restore your theme for you.

(Sagetravels) #3

Thank. But is there anything you can do to help. I dont know maybe if he lost his phone

(Jide Ogunsanya) #4

If you’ve purchased the theme, upload, activate it and select one of the demos…