And the Winner of the Wazobiatvnews Blog is

The time has come to reveal the winner of the blog I promised to give away.

With the age of this forum, I must admit that the response was good on the average. Perhaps some people thought that we were just playing. I want to confirm that we are serious about uplifting people who want to take blogging as a serious profession.

Blogging is a profession, not a get rich quick scheme. We want to motivate bloggers who will bring positive change to future generations. We want those who can shape the civilization of tomorrow.


This is just the beginning. If you thought we were done, shock on you. We’re just getting started.

Expect more in the days to come.

Our Winner Is…

Having considered all these factors, I would like to announce @ajahtitus98 as the winner for this challenge. He articulated valid points and showed his capability by touching on crucial points.

Congratulations Ajah Titus

All transfer process will be done asap

This giveaway was brought to you by

Thank you @jidetheblogger for this platform.


Congrats to @ajahtitus98

and @Fabinfos, thanks so much for the giveaway. More blessings bro.


Many sincere thanks go to you @Fabinfos for such a thoughtful gift. I can tell that you truly enjoy giving to others. Am glad to belong to this platform. i appreciate the founder of this forum @jidetheblogger . i believe great bloggers will emerge from here.

Thanks once more @Fabinfos, am truly glad to hear am the winner.


The transfer is complete.

@ajahtitus98 has taken full control of the blog.

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Well done @Fabinfos