AlertClinic App Helps You Request for Covid19 Test in Lagos, Nigeria

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#COVID19 Response has moved into communities. You can now request for covid19 test in Lagos and other states in Nigeria by making use of the AlertClinic App.

The app can be accessed via

To get started, you will be required to select your state and specify your local government, after which some phone numbers will be displayed for you to call.

You do not need to store the numbers though because they do change from time to time. If you call a covid19 support line displayed on the site and it’s busy, you can try the next one.

![request covid19 coronavirus test in lagos, nigeria|1753x1053](upload://xJUy5ns0JTQoQ8aZt6JMg5VykUr.png)

Apart from requesting a covidd19 test, you can as well view latest covid19 news or reports in Lagos and others states in Nigeria.

Try it and feel free to share your feedback.