Adsense not showing

(Stanley Chidon) #1

Please bloggers, I received and approved email from google adsense telling me i have been fully approved. But logging in to my Google adsense dash board today, what i saw was that my site is under review.

. Please what is the cause and what can i do.

(Frank Mbonu) #2

thats a mistake from ur end i once had this problem and was never approve for that domain again, whenever u apply for adsense u make sure u always check ur inbox cos when they approve u after 24hrs and u have not added the ad code to ur site it will change

(Stanley Chidon) #3

What can i do now? Tag9ja

(Frank Mbonu) #4

remove the first ad code i mean all the adcode u add on ur site for three days then add them back again and keep ur fingers crossed they approved u again my first domain was but for me a got another domain