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Hello Guys, emmanuelGodwin here today, not many people know me as the correctBlogger from www.correctblogger.com, but i actually own a blog, a Tech :gear: blog rather. so you can just do a quick walk around after reading this article.

Ok enough of the introductions and let’s discuss what we have for toady. The thing is i don’t actually do a lot of Inspirational, Counselling and Advice talks here on social media, but believe me, i make sure to tell people the truth and what’s right to do, with every slightest chance i get. So today we’re just gonna be talking about the New Year, How 2017 has shaped you either positively or vice versa and the necessary steps to take, in order to put yourself back on tracks.

I know i shouldn’t really be saying all this shit here, cause i believe this life we all are living is a personal something, you choose the way you want to live your life, and you might even end up reading this stuff, and throw it to the trash… but that wouldn’t stop me from saying the right thing. Ok enough of all that.

It is no longer news that we’re already in 2018, and you’ll agree with me that the days are counting fast, we’re on the third day already, most persons have gone back to their business places, the ones who travelled for the Xmas celebrations, i believe by now, their butts are already itching and crying to come back, the kids are already preparing to resume studies next week Monday, and the whole cycle keeps repeating itself until we arrive at 25/12/2018.

But the point i’m trying to make here is this, do you think you’ve really crossed to 2018? I laugh my ass out whenever i open my social media channels during the last days of 2017 and i see a whole lot of posts saying “This person is gonna be crossing with me to 2018” or "These are the stuffs i’m gonna be dropping off with 2017 and all that" mehn that ■■■■ is rubbish.

What i’m trying to say here is, crossing to the new year is not all about ranting it on social media, then at the end of the day, you still find yourself making the same mistakes you made in 2017. No crossing to the New Year has to do with your personal decision if you really want to cross or not. Some people crossed into the New Year at that same 31st Night, while some people will cross a little later, and some will never cross at all, it all has to do with whether you decide to cross or not.

Look deep into yourself, what are those mistakes you made last year, that cost you alot and you wouldn’t want to repeat them this year… Am not talking of the Boyfriends and Girlfriends you dated and broke up with, no i am talking of your life and how you chose to live it.

How did you live your life in 2017, what impact does it have on you as a person and what are you reflecting to people around you? I have heard a lot of people saying "i don’t care what people say about me, am just living my life the way i want it…" my brother, my sister, sorry to you, i repeat sorry for yourself. If you don’t care, me i care

I am not saying that you should live your live to please other people, all i’m saying is that you should live a life that influences you and people around you positively.

To cut the long story short, make sure you are doing what is right, and not just what is right, but make sure you’re also doing it at the right time, because time doesn’t give a ■■■■ about you.

Don’t always be in a hurry to get to the stage where your mates are, because you never knew how they got there, i believe that this life is a step by step process, and each step you take, will teach you how to take the next step, so don’t be in a hurry to jump steps and be like your mates, there is a time to sit down, learn and practice, and there is a time to apply your knowledge from what you’ve learnt, to earn money… That is three steps you have to take there.

Please if you are up to the age of 15-16, and you don’t have a handwork (skill), please look for something you always love to do and start learning how to do it now, you never know when it might come in handy… I am A Barber as i am talking to you right now, i learnt the skill last two years during my four months industrial attachment period, and i bet you, it saved my parents a lot of cash during my ND2 program while in school

Whatever you know you wouldn’t be happy if someone else does it to you, please don’t do it to someone else… Always make sure you make someone smile every single day that passes and try as much as possible to minimize your habit of becoming enemies with people, maybe because you feel the both of you are not in the same level or some other shit like that.

And also, if at this world age, you don’t have any Computer Skill, please try as much as possible to get one, the phone you are holding in your hands right now was not only meant for Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, that Phone can drive a whole lot of legal money to your pockets while sitting in your bedroom. It will surprise you to know that my website was designed singlehandedly by me from head to toe, under 1 week, and Google approved my site the following week. And today, am gaining a whole lot of benefits from it, both financially and mentally even though it is just a couple of months old.

So to round things up, all i’m saying is Live a positive life, be good to people around you, be useful to yourself, your family and your community as a whole, and Let all be well with you…

Don’t Forget that i asked you to check out my website after reading this… Thanks and Congratulations to those who read it to the end… Once again, i am emmanuelGodwin, although the Godwin was self acclaimed… Lol… and this is just my own little way of saying A Very Happy New Year To You All… I Love You.

(Moses Ukanna) #2

True, and thanks. It’s valuable.