9 Steps To Increasing Website Traffic


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One of the most frustrating things that can happen to any website owner is to have a beautifully designed website with lots of quality contents published on it and still yet don’t have any visitors.

As long as owning a website is concerned, getting traffic is very important as it helps to build your audience base and increases your chances of making sales or getting clicks to your ads.

On the internet today, there are over 500 million active blogs out there with the top brands getting all the traffic and making it look like small blogs can’t survive. The truth is they can.

Since it looks difficult to get traffic to a website, this has made lot of people give up on their dreams on owning a website.

If you are among those people thinking of giving up on their website before you do please read to the end of this article. I am sure it will change your mind.

I started this blog 4 months ago and I have used this method to get over 1,000+ page views a month. This is to show you that it works.

Before I dive right into the steps you can use to increase your website traffic, I want to highlight two traffic sources for you.

There are two ways which any one can use in getting traffic on the internet and they include paid traffic and organic traffic.

When we talk of paid traffic, this involves you spending money to get people to your website.

This can be inform of running advertisement on Google, Bing, social media platforms such as Facebook, twitter, instagram etc.

Moving over to organic traffic, it involves you getting traffic to your website without having to spend a dime. This kind of traffic can be gotten from search engines.

For example “If someone searches for a particular topic and you have written about that topic and search engine finds your content relevant it shows your content to the person which when he/she clicks on the link, it will take them straight to your page.

This way you can get tons of traffic to your website without spending money.

With this said lets jump into the steps you can use to increase your website traffic.


Have you ever heard the word that says “content is king”? Well this is very true. When a visitor visits your website and don’t find relevant contents they tend not to come back again. Having quality contents will also help your ranking on the search engines.


One of the mistakes you can ever make is to write content and post it on your website without making sure that it is well optimised for search engine traffic. This would involve you using keywords that you can rank for easily on search engines. There are tools out there that can help you when it comes to picking the right keywords to use in your content. Tools such as SEMrush, Google keyword planner, Uber suggest can help you in choosing the right keyword. If you are really going to get organic traffic you have to take SEO seriously.


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Nice one.

In this era, growth will be hampered if you wasted all your time on one article. Remenber, your blog is new. Bigger blogs are doing exactly what you’re doing, even better. So… These tactics are good, but… There are other ways. In a year I managed to raise a blog’s DA from 0 to over 30… also managed to drive a decent traffic to it (without killing myself on SEO)…