7 Rules Of The Bro Code That Should Not Be Broken

The bro code are a set of unwritten rules followed by any group of Male friends to maintain the bond of their friendship. It is basically a number of dos and don’ts adhered to by the male friends or bros, as they like to call themselves.

The bro code is taken really seriously by the male species and breaking them will be seen as a huge betrayal. Rules of the bro code are many but for now, just 7 which are thought to be the most important ones that should never be broken even by mistake will be introduced.

  1. Bros Over Ladies: Friendship between bros is held in high esteem and is said to be sacred, therefore it is considered a crime to place, value or protect a lady before a bro. Bros must not let a lady be the cause of a fight between them. If a lady tries to do this, she has to be dropped for the bromance to continue peacefully.

  2. Bros Must Always Remain Loyal: Loyalty is extremely important when I comes to the bro code. A bro is expected to always remain loyal and protect other bros. If a bro’s girlfriend calls to ask where he was the previous night, you have to accept he was with you even if you haven’t seen him in three months. When a bro tells you a secret, it should go with you to your grave, no mistakes!

  3. Never Date A Bro’s Ex Without His Permission: This is a very sensitive situation, especially when it’s been years after the breakup and your friend was not really interested in the girl. The point is a bro must seek permission from his friend before having anything to do with his ex, no matter how long the breakup has been. Not doing this is breaking the bro code and can also be tagged as disrespect.

  4. You Are Honour Bound To tell A Bro If His Girl Is Cheating On Him: It isn’t easy to let someone know they are being cheated on, especially a friend who is deeply in love. You would need to thread with caution, but it is still your duty to let your friend know he is being played, knowing and keeping it away from him is breaking the bro code. He can decide what to do with the information after he gets it.

  5. A Bro’s Biological Sisters, Mother And Girlfriend Are Off Limits: A bro is not allowed to hit on your friend’s sisters, mother and girlfriend or have anything sexual to do with them, it is forbidden! Distant cousins are allowed, but a bro must keep their sexual details and exploits to himself.

  6. A Bro Must Be A Man And Honour His Family: A bro must be man up and take responsibilities, caring for his family. His wife and kids must be provided for. He must honour his parents and respect his sisters. A bro should spend quality time with his loved ones and failing to do so could get him castigated by his bros.

  7. A Bro Shall Always Protect His Bros: Bros must protect each other and step in for each other when needed. Never stand idly by and watch while your bro is being trashed by a lady, protect a bro from an over bearing female friend, when introducing a bro to a lady, use the best descriptions ever. If two bros ever like the same girl, the one with the longest dry spell is given priority and when a bro scores a lady, help him with a condom for protection, if he does not have one.