10 Nigerian Tech Professionals making a difference in the UK

Originally published at: 10 Nigerian Tech Professionals making a difference in the UK – OgbongeBlog

Since Mark Zuckerberg’s visit in 2016, Nigeria has experienced a surge in investment in the tech sector. Startups and entrepreneurs have positioned themselves at the forefront of this revolution, benefiting from increased funding, mentorship programs, and collaborative initiatives. The growth of co-working spaces and tech hubs, such as Yabacon Valley in Lagos, further illustrates the industry’s expansion.

More establishments, including governments, are now investing in, and supporting the growth of the Nigerian tech industry. The UK government is among the institutions that have consistently shown support for the tech industry in Nigeria.

In 2021, the UK government announced a program known as the “pipeline of growth for tech SMEs in Nigeria” through the UK-Nigeria Tech Hub under the iNOVO Accelerator Program. The initiative targets ten early-stage startups dedicated to developing innovative solutions addressing challenges arising from COVID-19 within Nigeria’s Education, Agriculture, and Health sectors. UK-Nigeria Tech Hub has also been offering fully funded tech training programs to Nigerians in Lagos and Uk.

The Nigerian tech industry is experiencing robust growth, marked not only by the emergence of innovative fintech companies addressing challenges in the African financial sector but also by a steadily increasing number of tech professionals making noteworthy contributions on a global scale.

Here is a list of 10 Nigerians we have noted for their contributions to the tech industry in Nigeria and now UK.

Peace Itimi

Peace Itimi is a prominent figure in the Nigerian tech space, known for her prowess in public speaking. She has played a significant role in the growth of the Nigerian tech sector by narrating stories of the African tech industry through YouTube.

In addition, she is an angel investor and has collaborated with numerous startups both within and outside Nigeria.

Bolanle Banwo

Bolanle Banwo Osadolo is a designer and design supporter from Lagos, Nigeria. She assists brands in sharing interesting stories through imaginative designs. Most of her work focuses on aiding small and medium businesses in forming strong identities through effective communication designs. She is the founder and lead designer at Geneza Brands.

Bolanle has been an advocate for women in tech and has contributed to bridging the gender gap in the Nigerian tech industry.

Oladimeji Adegbile

Oladimeji Ajegbile is a determined visionary, driving transformative change through disruptive technologies. He is the brain behind CreatorSeed, an innovative learning and development platform designed for aspiring independent creators.

He is known for his introverted personality, and he is helping more people with similar personalities become confident creators.


Sophina is a cyber security expert. She currently works at Meta in the platform security team. She is also the co-founder of SheSecures an initiative bridging the gender discrepancy in cybersecurity for all African Women.

Emmanuel Igbodudu

Emmanuel Igbodudu is software engineer and Co-founder of Waza a B2B payment solution for African businesses, prior to Waza he has worked as a senior software engineer with Revolut London.

Raheemat Atata

Raheemat, an expert in UX/UI design, has seen her designs applied across various industries. She is a passionate advocate for women in the tech field. Recently, Raheemat relocated to the UK under the UK Global Talent Scheme.

Tobi Akinrinmade

Tobi is a digital marketing professional with proficiency in front-end development, making notable contributions to the high precision measurement industry in the UK.

Notably, he stands out as one of the few male contributors actively working to bridge the gender gap in the Nigerian tech sector. He is the founder of Girls into Tech.

Aisha Owolabi

Aisha Owolabi is a UK Global talent; she focuses on content marketing for brands. she is the founder of Smarketers Hub, an online community helping African marketers build successful global careers.

Oyinlola Akindele

Oyinlola is a marketer with multiple marketing skill, her skills range from marketing campaign management to, CLM, CRM automation, and content marketing. Her expertise span across B2B and B2C industries.

Ruth Oye

Ruth Oye, a seasoned marketing professional with over four years of experience. She has helped brands achieved increase in engagements and following on social media.

She is currently pursuing an MSC in Marketing at the University of Bradford, she exemplifies a commitment to continuous learning in the digital landscape. Ruth Oye stands out as a visionary in marketing, showcasing expertise and impactful results.

She is actively involved in contributing to bridging gender gap in the Nigerian tech sector.