10 Free But Amazing Online Marketing Tools To Grow Your Business

In the era that we live in, there is no other better place that gives businesses a chance to grow than the internet and has over the year’s transformed small businesses into giant businesses.

The time when having to use Newspapers, Radios, TV etc. to advertise your business has gone as the internet provides a platform where you can reach more audience than you can using the traditional means combined.

This is not to say that using other advertising mediums is bad but when using the internet to market your business you are more likely to reach a wider audience and the chance of you making sales is high.

Statistics shows that over 70% of people go online to checkout whatever item they have intention to buy before making up their minds on a particular product.

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No wonder eCommerce websites are making it big. This is to show you the potential of marketing online.

Taking your business online is one of the smartest things any small business or start-up can take. Even the big companies such as Banks, breweries etc. are using the internet to advertise and get more sales.

The success in any business is not only based on the amount of sales you make but also how you are able to keep your customers excited and deliver useful information about the products and services you offer so they can keep coming back. The internet is a place to do that.

Taking your business online requires you putting some things in place and those things can be the tools you use in marketing your brand.

There are tools that are needed to get the best out of your online marketing and most often than none the best tools requires you spending some money to get them.

But what if you just starting out and don’t have a huge budget to get those tools does that mean you have to give up? No.

In this article I will highlight 10 of the free but amazing online marketing tools you can use to grow your business online.


Images are one of the things that captivate people online before they even think of reading any other thing. I have had to read a lot of silly contents online just because I first loved the image they used so I decided to know more about what they do. I am sure many people can relate. Canva is a free tool that helps you create eye-catching images to serve your audience. You can create banners, logos, business cards, images for ads etc.


Unless you went to the university to study linguistics you don’t need this tool. You won’t want to make a post online with lots of errors and misspellings for people to read, this is why using Grammarly which helps proofread your content. This tool is also free, all you have to do is signup and open a new document where you can either copy and paste or write your content. Once your content is placed in Grammarly, it starts to check your spellings, grammars and also perform a plagiarism check. This is a great tool to have.

Google Trends

This tool helps gives you insight to the trends of any specific keyword you intend to make use off. It will show you the popularity of your keywords as they are searched on Google which will make you know if your keyword is perfect or you need to change it. It also provides insights on how you can improve your keywords and countries that people are search for your keywords.

Google Search Console

The first 5 contents that rank on search engines are the ones that get most of the traffic and this is something to look out for when taking your business online which is why you need Google Search Console. Google Search Console is a free tool that helps you check your ranking on search engines. Not only that, it can be used to monitor the performance of your website, view if your website is mobile friendly, check your page views, and locate any issue your website may have.