Why is Google Taking long time To Index new Contents?


(Tech Villz) #1

I opened my blogger dashboard this morning and found out that all these settings custom robots header, Robots txt and Custom ads.txt have been disabled!!! and I didn’t disable any of them!!

Did anybody notice the same thing? Is this why blog contents take a lot of time to index these past months?

(Prosper Noah) #2

Nope! Not issues with your Site.

Google made a strong update in March!

As said; they disabled the Submit to Google or Fetch as Google feature in order to lay out spammers abusing the system.

This issue is been fixed a bit.

All you need do is write long form contents and do your regular pinging!

Within 24hours, all should be set.

The algorithm is reduced a bit.

But for your old contents not indexed i recommend you either change the permalinks or re-write it!