Why have Adsense autoads disappeared on mobiles, yet still working on desktops?


(Maggie) #1

Hi there, A few days ago, Adsense ads stopped showing on mobiles, although they still display OK on desktops. Am using Wordpress, and have tried different plugins for ad insertion and issue is occurring with all so probably to do with Adsense. I’m using auto ads so Google determines appropriate number of ads & their placement; I haven’t changed Adsense account settings at all. This happened around 8 months ago and resolved itself in 48 hours. Has been almost a week this time, and significantly impacting on revenue. Please help! Site is: https://narcwise.com/ Thanking you in advance!

(Tunde Sanusi (Tuham)) #2

It still display on Mobile…

May i ask if you are using AMP on your site mobile version

(Emmanuel Ekanem) #3

It is showing from my end…

(Segun Bolujo) #4

What is the name of the WordPress theme that you are using on your site6