Which Stat Counters Are You Using For Your Site?

Apart from Google Analytics, which other stat counters are you using to analyze your site traffic?

I use Statcounter and JetPack plugin (for my WordPress sites)

Previously used Supercounters.

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So which ones are you using now?

Jide I only use Google Analytics but thanks for the one you mentioned

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I mainly use the native Blogger Stats, Google Search Console and Google Analytics now.

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the natural blogger stats is not really accurate jare, sometimes it records traffic from BOTs

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Yes it does. I use analytics to get the accurate hits & sessions… and a lot… Bounce rate , P Views, new users… The blogger stats it just to know how well my posts perform & th top pages on my blog

I use Google Analytics

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Yes it does but it has improved in the new blogger themes - and the stats is for pageviews and not unique site visits though.

I use Histat, it’s really cool