What's your say about My Blog and should I do Geo-targetting for my Blog?

Hi, there am possibly the Youngest here so don’t be surprised if I say stupid things cuz am a 15 year old Novice

My Blog is at https://www.Teckiway.com

I believe I write content for USA But I would like to know if I’m doing my SEO right and if i need to do geo targeting for USA

I would appreciate a cool answer on my mistakes on my blog and what I can do to improve @jidetheblogger and @RealityEmma

This setting is only for geographic data. If you’re targeting users in different locations—for example, if you have a site in French that you want users in France, Canada, and Mali to read—don’t use this tool to set France as a geographic target. A good example of where it would be useful is for a restaurant website: if the restaurant is in Canada, it’s probably not of interest to folks in France. But if your content is in French and is of interest to people in multiple countries/regions, it’s probably better not to restrict it.

source : https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/6059209?hl=en

Thanks alot @jidetheblogger