What Would You Do If You Find Yourself In This Situation?


If you WERE using your smartphone to do some jobs and earn, and you decided to get a laptop to help you do your job more effectively, and you used all your savings to get it.

Then just barely 2 months after you bought the laptop, you got robbed and your laptop and smartphone was taken away. You can’t continue your job and you lost everything! What will you do?

Get the jobs done anyhow you can: friends pc, cyber cafe etc. When there is life and the brain is still intact, then no excuse. …

You are right bro. But it’s not that easy as you said.

Imagine going to the cyber cafe everyday for 1 month to get a work done, so you won’t miss up, it’s really hard bro, very very hard.

You’re right, using a PC is faster and far more convenient but as long as your “Necktop” computer is still there, you got less to worry about till you are able to get another PC

In case you don’t know: I use a cybercafe for more than 3 years before i got a functioning PC bro:wink:

Yeah, as long as my brain(necktop computer) is there, the will always be a way out. And i’m still trying to figure that way.

Cyber cafe for 3 years? Mehn! But i believe you had a phone to back you up?

Had a phone but not a smartphone though The best of phone i use then was a Symbian phone. Others were simply Java phones