What Is Your Favorite Mobile Browser?


(Temitope Isaac Durotoye) #1

With mobile phones fast becoming the major platform for accessing the internet in recent years, it has become imperative that mobile phone users are able to enjoy their browsing experience without losing the quality of the websites they are trying to access.

According to the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), mobile internet users in Nigeria increased to about 113.8 million in January 2019 from about 111 million users in December 2018. This clearly shows a steady increase in active mobile internet users in the country.

Before now, it was pretty difficult to access our favorite websites with our mobile devices, particularly because many browsers and websites were not optimized for mobile phones. Meaning that a lot of us had to spend hours in cyber cafes just to visit Facebook and chat with our friends or even check our mails.

However, with an increase in the number of people accessing the internet using their mobile phones, more websites had to optimize their user interface for mobile devices and mobile internet browsers came on board to optimize user experience even more.

So, with a mobile browser, you can fit any website into your screen, regardless of size and still enjoy your browsing experience. There are a whole lot of mobile browsers out there, but there are quite a few that give you the full experience that you desire. Many mobile browsers affect the interface of the website, disrupting the arrangement and frustrating the user. So, what you need is a mobile browser that is optimized for mobile phones without losing the set-up or disrupting the interface.

Here are a couple of things you should look out for in a mobile browser;

  • Speed: No one like to stare too long at their screen waiting for a website to load. You could easily get distracted by a chat and lose interest. So, speed is very important in mobile browsing.
  • Data saving: Despite the recent decrease in internet subscriptions, Nigeria still has one of the most expensive data subscriptions in the world. Combined with economic challenges, everyone is basically trying to manage the little resources they have available to them.
  • Bookmarks/Offline Pages: Being a handy device or what we call a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), it would be cool to carry along with you all your favorite web pages without having to store their links in your memory. It is even more cool that you do not need to turn on your data to visit your web pages as they can be saved as offline pages that do not require the internet to load.
  • Incognito/Private Browser: Who doesn’t want some privacy with the number of prying eyes on our online activities?
  • Fast Downloads: Downloads on mobile should be faster and save data.
  • Multiple Tabs: You do not have to exit a page just because you need to quickly access another site for some information. You should be able to access multiple sites at the same time.
  • Ad Blocker: There are a lot of annoying pop-up adverts all over the internet. Some of which lead to malicious sites.

I would like to recommend a mobile browser that has all the above features and even more. Phoenix Browser is a fast light-weight mobile browser that lets you access the internet with speed while saving you some data. It also allows you to access some of the latest news around the world, play games instantly and download videos in one click.

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