What is the best affiliate program for a new health blog

Please i need an affiliate program with good commissions and international shipping(world wide) for my new health blog (general health blog).

I don’t need to run around all affiliate programs on the net, I need once to stick with, one or two best ones are ok for me.

Please I needs currently good working ones if you aren’t sure you don’t need to drop thanks. Please it’s urgent .

Thanks,:heart_eyes: , and GOD bless :thumbsup:

Adsense Bro

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Thanks, am working on that, but like I said; it’s a new blog and when I said affiliate program, I mean programs with products for sell. Like Amazon

thanks again @Cloud9ng

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Try Konga nur

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try MoreNiche, Sellhealth, Shareasale, Markethealth

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Viglink is the best. Viglink is just like an escrow between you and all types of big Affiliate sites. Go and read about them and thank me later. You don’t to register for different affiliate sites. Viglink is a certified escrow for all Affiliates sites (name them).

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Hi Bestsmiles, if you need good products to promote on your new health site, CLICK link below to try:

MarketHealth.com .

Their products easily convert and they have good varieties of them with handsome commissions. I use them whenever I need products for my health campaigns. The sign up too is easy. Just click the link above and start promoting.

Hope it helps.

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Join flp and Oriflame…


Flp and oriflame requires a startup fee, and you only promote to the country you registered in, guess an right @jideogunsanya

What’s markethealth payment method? @hikmah

More niche, sell health , shareasale try those or just use AdSense coz affiliate no easy

Yeah, their payment methods include : bank transters / payoneer prepaid master card, wire, check

here is the link again MarketHealth.com

sorry @Bestsmiles i dont do affiliate marketing so i dont know much about them.