What is Adsense txt

I opened my Adsense dashboard this morning and I saw this notification, please what does it mean? thanks

here is a preview of the image

Adsense Notification preview

If you can’t configure it very well, it’s better you delete the file.

They’ve already stopped serving ads on my blog until I do the verification.

I’ve searched all I can, (even on Google products forum) but I can’t find how to do the verification on blogger.

Most of the tutorials I saw were all based on Wordpress and not on blogger.

So I am considering moving to WordPress.

Please sir whats your recommendation for an excellent hosting site?

See the tutorial at https://www.ogbongeblog.com/2018/02/add-ads-txt-file-to-blogger-blogs-via-settings.html

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Thanks sir, I got the tutorial in the morning at problogbooster. But so far no changes. and Ads serving ain’t up yet. I guess I will just have to wait

Changes might take 24hrs to 48 hours to reflect. What is your site url?

my url is https://www.techvillz.com/

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I can see that the error has been fixed now.

Yes sir, its been fixed. Thanks so much sir

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